Tuesday Night Trash is proud to join the Texas Theatre in programming the films of the king of independent cinema, Roger Corman. His influence is untold in its reaches into every corner of the world of genre film, especially the business of making films outside the normal channels.


Before each feature, during the intermission and, frankly, throughout the entire night there will be an avalanche of trailers for films produced, written or distributed by Corman. He was well-known as an innovator of cutting a trailer, teasing all available action and suspense and occasionally adding explosions that weren’t even from the movie. “There was no law against doing that….”
At 9:15 will be the second feature DEMON KEEPER (1994), which represents the latter third of his career where Corman’s creative prodigiousness was emboldened by the home video explosion of the 80s and 90s. Demon Keeper is a similarly cheesy drive-in, creature feature type movie with an abundance of lovely ladies and a very expensive looking rubber demon outfit. And Edward Albert.
As always TNT at Texas Theatre is FREE come belly up to the bar to beat the heat with some classic trash cinema in honor of the greatest, RC!

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