TNT167: 2nd Annual “A SMOKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS” (1986)

12/6 9:15 PM

We are establishing a new holiday tradition in this house of cinema… we bring you the 2nd annual screening of Dolly Parton’s “A Smoky Mountain Christmas”! This classic was directed by Henry Winkler (eyyyy!) and stars the immutable Dolly Parton, Lee Majors, Bo Hopkins, Dan Hedaya, featuing John Ritter, Budnick from Salute Your Shorts and the girl from The Hugga Bunch. Lorna Davis (Dolly) abruptly walks off the set of her music video shoot and, fully incognito, drives to the Smokies where she finds a cabin full of orphans, a witch with the local sheriff in her clutches, a rugged mountain man with a heart of gold and several opportunities to sing and play her guitar in spite of her giant yellow fingernails.

We have taken several liberties with the commercial breaks and will be treating yall to whole new slew of of the finest in local Dallas ads from the era.

As always TNT is FREEEEEE!

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