Trash-Mex Presents: Grave Robbers (Ladrones De Tumbas)

In Spanish colonial times, the leader of a satanic sect is condemned to eternal damnation — left to rot with an axe forever embedded in his chest. Centuries later, a band of lusty teenage treasure-seeking graverobbers accidentally dislodge the axe and awaken the diabolical killer, who sets out to complete his unholy mission of spawning the son of Satan!

Heavily inspired by late-period slashers, Ruben Galindo Jr’s “Grave Robbers” (made one year after his staggering achievement Don’t Panic) is one of the best films yet to be restored from Mexico’s oft-overlooked horror boom. With exceptional production value, gruesome kills and a relentless killer, Grave Robbers is right at home with any later Friday the 13th sequel.

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